Non-directive Therapy

JIFACA has 8 Assistant Psychologists who are all at a Pre-doctorate stage in their career development. We offer support sessions or children who are referred by teachers, parents, social workers and health care professionals. However appointments can be  made  by parents  by phoning  JIFACA direct image11

We provide a sand play room which is a safe, non-judgmental space for children to come to talk or play.

Sandplay involves placing objects in a sand tray to represent or express any issues or experiences in a child’s life. The child can place figurines in the sand which may be symbolic of unconscious processes that are manifested in the sand.
The Psychologist is a safe presence witnessing the healing play that is taking place. There is no need for the child to talk about their creations in the sand. Just “playing” in the sand activates a child’s innate   self healing mechanism. Indeed, much of the work undertaken involves ‘just playing’ with an attentive adult who witnesses the child’s process.

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The use of sandplay also facilitates the child and psychologist to build up a relationship of trust so that the child can feel able to talk about their anxieties, problems and difficulties. JIFACA follows the Child First Guidelines when working with children, and when possible a family approach is always adopted.